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Private Cooking Lesson

Personalized one-on-one cooking with the chef! Whether a beginner or expert, Chef Christina will customize a menu and game-plan to suit your needs. The small number of guests allows more detail than a larger class. Christina will take you to your next level of kitchen confidence!

Your chef provides fresh groceries, detailed recipes and lesson plan, kitchen equipment and aprons.  Christina handles the planning, shopping, instruction and clean up! Spend 2 1/2 - 3 hours in the kitchen for you to cook and enjoy delicious food.  

Private Cooking Lesson for Two
Dishes from Private Cooking Lesson
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What's on the Menu?
Each client starts with a questionnaire to understand likes and dislikes, as well as current level of cooking expertise. Your menu is customized to fit YOUR needs. Consider learning:

  • a Technique... (pasta making, simplifying souffles, perfecting knife skills)
  • Cooking Basics... (how to saute, how to braise, how to roast fish)
  • a Special Topic... (cooking gluten-free, modifying for food allergies, special diets)
  • a Cherished Family Dish... (tomato gravy, hamantashen, New England clam chowder)
  • a Favorite Cuisine... (Thai, Mexican, Italian, Caribbean, Portuguese)

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Cooking Lesson in Philadelphia
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